What Is Thai Yoga?

Photo Credit: David Shinn
Photo by David Shinn

Thai Yoga is restorative bodywork that supports the opening of energy channels of the body to support and promote health.

Thai Yoga (also known as Thai Medical Massage) is a highly sophisticated system of general health maintenance that has evolved over thousands of years. Thai Yoga brings energy, attention, consciousness, breath and pressure to the Sen (energy lines) and Lom (wind gates) of the body through a series of assisted yoga postures, pressure, and stretching. A few of the benefits of Thai Yoga:

  • Decompresses Joints
  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Promotes Relaxation and Overall Health
  • Decreases Pain
  • Moves Lymph
  • Nurtures Self
  • Manages Stress

The purpose of Thai Yoga is to promote a harmonious state of being and is considered to be the physical expression of the four limitless qualities:

  • loving kindness
  • compassion
  • joy
  • equanimity

Thai Yoga is a great way to get the benefits of yoga postures while relaxing in a nurturing and restorative environment.